The Barking Lot  

Our groomer's are professionally trained and certified by the Australian Dog Grooming School so you can be assured that your dog will get a quality grooming result.
We maintain a calm and relaxing environment wherever possible.  Dogs are not kept for the day in cages as we have a morning and afternoon shift.

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Collection and payment

How it works (con't)
It is not always possible for us to pinpoint an exact time for you to collect your pet.  However, we can give you an estimated time and send you an SMS or call you once your pet is ready for collection. 

Collection time is the best time to let us know if you are happy with the style. If you would like anything a little different for the next visit we can make a note of it so we can improve or change the groom as you require. As this is a personal service, don’t be shy – if you don’t tell us we’ll never know. We do keep detailed computer records on each grooming visit. So once you are happy with the style, you can simply say “like last time” or “the winter length” or “short for summer”.

Styling and finishing

Why choose us?
We only use premium shampoos and conditioners.  (Medicated shampoos and conditioners are available for additional cost).

We use fresh, clean and warm water for every bath and fresh laundered towels for each dog.  We do not recycle any of our bathing towels. This ensures the strictest hygiene standards are applied.

Your pet is never left cold – from warm water in the bath through to warm air adjustable temperature dryers – this is all part of being a fully certified parlour.

Your pet will not be left unattended. We provide fresh drinking water throughout the stay while in their spacious pens.   Dogs are also taken for a comfort break during their stay with us.


Once your dog has been thoroughly blow dried, our stylists will take him/her out to the styling area.  The coat will then be clipped, scissored and/or brushed out to your requirements or your pet’s needs.  The coat is finished with a slicker brush and a light spray of anti-deodorising and fragrant cologne is applied.  
The Barking Lot is a fully insured dog grooming salon.
The Barking Lot dog grooming salon is fully accredited and endorsed by the Pet Industry Association of Australia.  This ensures the highest standards are implemented when grooming your family dog.
Payment for your pet’s grooming services is accepted at time of collection via cash or debit/credit card (EFTPOS).  Service pricing on this website is a guide only.  We do our best to quote you the price we expect you will incur for your pet's grooming service but sometimes it may be a little more - eg if your pet has a lot of matting or if a dog has been difficult to handle it has taken extra time to groom them.  Conversely, sometimes a pet is very easy to handle or is very simple to groom and therefore we may charge you a little less.
We have a genuine love and empathy for all dogs.  We understand that every dog is different and we are sensitive to each dog's specific needs.  We ensure every dog has a pleasant grooming experience.

To err is human; to forgive, canine.

- Chomps McGee


Love is a four-legged word.

- Paws Woofland


Life is ruff. Get a dog.

- Yours truly, Jenny Ashcroft