All grooming appointments are scheduled at a specific time for morning (8am-12pm) or afternoon (1pm-5pm) shifts on weekdays only.  We only groom one dog at a time, with 15 min overlap either side for incoming and outgoing dogs.  This allows us to give every dog our undivided attention at all times.  When you drop your dog off to us we will give you an estimated pick-up time.  Once your dog has been groomed to perfection we'll give you a call or send you an SMS as per your request.  If you have specific time requirements, please advise at the time of making your dog's appointment.  It is very important that dogs arrive on time for their appointment as other clients also have appointments and delays cause unnecessary disruptions to those clients and their dogs. Our pricing is based on an hourly rate of $65 (inclusive of operating costs) as well as scope of work and size of individual dog.
Prior to bathing, every dog is examined to determine the coat type and condition and assess the work required to have them groomed to perfection.  Sometimes a pre-bath clip off is needed to reduce the bulkiness of a heavy or matted coat.  Other dogs simply require a brush through to remove tangles from the coat. 

How it works
After the pre-bathing procedure, your dog will be taken to the bathing area where it will enjoy the experience of a thorough bath using premium organic shampoo and conditioners.  We have a large stainless steel specialised grooming bath (no hydrobath) and all baths are done by hand.  The bathing process involves two full lathers of premium shampoo (selected according to your pet's coat and skin type) followed by a conditioning treatment and a rinse with fresh warm water.  Each dog is dried with a freshly laundered  bath towel - we never share towels with other dogs.

The Barking Lot  




We have freshly laundered towels and high velocity heated driers (which use air to push the water up & away from the skin along the hair shaft).  Also gentle warm air dryers for the final dry to allow our groomers & stylists to remove the dead hair & give a fluffy finish the coat.  We use one or a combination of all drying techniques depending on your pet’s requirement and temperament.  Your pet is never left cold – from warm water in the bath through to warm air adjustable temperature dryers.  We do not do cage drying at this salon.